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AP ICET 2018: Exam Pattern, Paper Pattern, Question Papers

AP ICET 2018 Exam Pattern

Andhra Pradesh Integrated Common Entrance Test 2018

Information about the Test

The test is designed to measure the applicant’s ability to think systematically, to use the verbal and mathematical skills and to assess his/her aptitude for admission into MBA/MCA programme. The Test emphasizes accuracy. Therefore, the applicant is required to go through the instructions carefully. This is an objective type test and the questions are of multiple choice. Out of the given options, the applicant has to choose the correct answer. If the Applicant gives more than one answer to any question, such answers will be ignored while awarding marks.

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PATTERN OF THE TEST: The test consists of 200 questions of one mark each in the following topics.

Section-A: Analytical Ability Number of QuestionsDuration of The Test :
(i) Data Sufficiency20

2 1/2 Hours (150 Minutes)

(ii) Problem Solving55
Section-B: Mathematical Ability
(i) Arithmetical Ability35
(ii) Algebraical and Geometrical Ability30
(iii) Statistical Ability10
Section-C: Communication Ability
(i) Vocabulary10
(ii) Business and Computer Terminology10
(iii) Functional Grammar15
(iv) Reading Comprehension15

Important instructions to applicants:

Applicants are directed to carry into the examination hall a Ball Point Pen only with Blue or Black ink.

Besides this, the applicant should not bring any other material including the instructions booklet, Papers, Cell Phones, etc., into the examination hall. Any applicant found in possession of any forbidden material will be sent out of the examination hall.

Applicants must remain seated in their allotted places till the completion of the examination. In no case they will be allowed to leave the examination hall till the end of the examination. Before leaving the examination hall, the applicants must return the OMR Answer Sheet and data card to the invigilator.

Every applicant appearing for APICET 2018 shall be provided with a specially designed Optical Mark Reader (OMR) answer sheet on which the applicant has to mark the answer and other relevant data. The method of marking the answers is illustrated in this section. Applicants are advised to go through the instructions given for marking the answers and other entries on the Optical Mark Reader (OMR) answer sheet thoroughly and practice the same at their residence which should make it easy for them to answer in the examination hall.

The Optical Mark Reader (OMR) answer sheet should be handled carefully by the applicants. They are advised not to fold, wrinkle or tear the answer sheet under any circumstance. Further, the applicants are advised not to scribble or make any marks on the answer sheet except marking the answers and other relevant data at the appropriate place on the answer sheet. Any violation of these instructions will automatically lead to disqualification of the applicant.

Applicants shall note that they will not be given a second blank Optical Mark Reader (OMR) answer sheet under any circumstance. Hence they are advised to be careful while handling their answer sheet.

Applicants shall read carefully the instructions before starting to answer the questions.

The question paper booklet given to the applicant shall consist of 200 multiple choice type questions in three different sections with 4 responses given to each question, out of which only one response is correct for the given question. Applicants shall mark the correct answer in Optical Mark Reader (OMR) answer sheet by darkening the appropriate circle with Ball Point Pen (Blue or Black). They should not use HB Pencil for this purpose under any circumstances.

AP ICET 2018: Exam Pattern, Paper Pattern, Question Papers
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