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Q1. I hear that CAT will be held online. Is that correct?

No, that is not correct. CAT is not an online exam. It is a digital or Computer Based Test (CBT); not an Internet-Based Test (IBT); i.e. an applicant will not take the exam on an internet site. Instead of reading the questions in a paper booklet and darkening the ovals on the answer-sheet, an applicant will read the questions on a computer terminal and choose an answer by clicking on the correct option.

Q2. How is the computer-based format different from the paper-based format?

The format of the exam is more or less the same except that applicant reads a question on a computer terminal and clicks on the correct answer, instead of reading a paper booklet and using a pencil to darken the ovals on an answer sheet. Additionally, a timer will be displayed on the screen that tells you how many more minutes to complete the exam.

Q3. Can I take the exam from any computer?

No. An applicant will have to take the exam on a workstation assigned at the pre assigned venue in the preferred city that was chosen by the student, at the time of the registration. These details will be given on the Admit Card.

Q4. What does a CBT exam look like?

A CAT practice exam will be available on the website www.iimcat.ac.in for applicants to get familiarized with the functionality and navigation of the actual exam. This link will be made available in mid-October 2018.

Q5. Where can I select my preference of shift and test date?

Exam shift (forenoon or afternoon) will be allocated for each registered applicant based on the city preference made at the time of application. The applicant cannot select shift.

Q6. How many sections are there in CAT 2018?

CAT 2018 will have three sections:

  • Section I: Quantitative Ability
  • Section II: Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning
  • Section III: Verbal Ability

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Q7. Can I bring a calculator to the testing center?

Applicants are prohibited from bringing calculators to the testing center. You may use the on-screen calculator that will be available throughout the exam.

Q8. Are there negative marks for questions other than MCQs?

No, there are no negative marks for non-MCQ type questions.

Q9. Do the non-MCQ type questions carry equal marks as MCQs?

Yes, all questions carry equal marks. However, for non-MCQ type questions, you must type the answer.

Q10. How many non-MCQs are there in each section?

The number of questions varies and cannot be disclosed.

Q11. Is there a specific order for answering sections? Can I attempt sections the way I want?

You must answer the sections in a pre-specified order and this order will remain same for all the applicants.

Q12. Does CAT 2018 have a syllabus for exam preparation?

No, the CAT exam does not have a defined syllabus for CAT preparation. However, you can take a mock test to understand the pattern of exam and types of questions. Check the CAT website regularly for the announcement of mock test.

Q13. What is the marking/grading scheme for CAT? Is there negative marking for a wrong answer?

For questions other than MCQs, 3 marks are assigned for ‘correct answer’ and no marks for ‘wrong or no attempt’.

The scoring scheme for multiple-choice questions is as follows:

  • Each correct answer is awarded 3 marks.
  • An incorrect answer fetches -1.
  • No marks are given or deducted for un-attempted questions.

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