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Chandigarh Post Matric Scholarships 2017-18 for SC Students

Post Matric Scholarships 2017 | Chandigarh Post Matric Scholarships for SC Students

Chandigarh Administration-Education Department has decided to award Post Matric Scholarships to the students belonging to SC for studies in India under the Govt of India Scheme.

Objective: The objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to the Scheduled Caste students studying at Post Matriculation or post-secondary stage to enable them to complete their education.

Scope: The Scholarship is available for studies in India only and is awarded by the government of the State/ Union Territory to which the applicant actually belongs i.e. permanently settled.

Post Matric Scholarships Eligibility Criteria 2017-18

The scholarships are open to nationals of India.

These scholarships will be given for the study of all recognized post matriculation for post-secondary courses pursued in recognized institutions with the following exceptions.

Scholarships are not awarded for training courses like Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s Courses and Private Pilot license Courses. Courses at Training ship Dufferin (Now Rajendra), Courses of training at the Military College, Dehradun, and courses at pre-examination Training Centres of all India and State levels”.

Only those applicants who belong to SC so specified in relation to the State/Union Territory to which the applicant actually belongs (permanently settled) and who have passed the Matriculation or Higher Secondary or any Exam of a recognized university or board of secondary education will be eligible.

Applicants who after passing one stage of education are studying in the same stage of education in different subject e.g. B.Sc. after B.A. or B.Com after BA or MA in other subjects will not be eligible.

Students who after having completed their educational career in one Prof Eng LLB after B.T./B.Ed will not be eligible for the academic year in two professional courses are allowed.

Students studying in Class XI of the Higher Secondary Schools course of the XII class of the multipurpose Higher School will not be eligible for it being a continuous school course. However, in the case where both class exam of such course is treated as equivalent to matriculation and students who after passing 10th class join other courses, such students will be treated as Post Matric students and will be eligible for the award of scholarships.

Students pursuing postgraduate courses in medicine will be eligible if they are not allowed to practice during the period of their course.

All children of the same parents/guardians will be entitled to receive benefits of the scheme.

A Scholarship holder under this scheme will not hold any other scholarship/stipend, the student can exercise his/her option for either of the two scholarships/stipends, whichever is more beneficial to him/her and should inform the awarding authority through the Head of the Institution about the option made.

Duration & Renewal of Awards

The award once made will be tenable from the stage at which it is given to the completion of course subject to good conduct and regularity in attendance.

It will be renewed from year to year provided that within a course, which is continuous for a number of years, the scholar secures promotion to the next higher class irrespective of the fact whether such exams are conducted by a University or the Institution.

The scholarship will be paid to the students who parents/guardians income from all sources not exceed Rs 250000/- per annum.

Post Matric Scholarship Application Form 2017-18

The application forms are available from the website or forms are obtainable from the office of Director of Higher Education (DHE), UT, Sector-9D, Chandigarh at any time and should reach the said office complete in all respects by September 30th, 2017.

Application complete in all respects shall be submitted to the Head of Institution, being attended or last attended by the applicant and shall be addressed to an officer specified for this purpose by the Govt. of State/.U.T. to which student belongs, in accordance with the institutions issued by them from time to time.

Applicants belonging to one State but studying in other State will be awarded scholarships by the State to which they belong and will submit their applications to the competent authorities in that State.

Application Deadlines

Last date for submission of Application Form: September 30th, 2017

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