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Computer Science & Engineering MCQs (Linux – Section 1) – This is the Computer Science & Engineering (Linux) multiple questions and answers for the various entrance exam, interview or competitive exam. Declarations and Initializations – Linux Section 1 – Questions and Answers its help you for the computer engineering entrance exam like JEE Main, GATE & other computer engineering entrance exam.

1. Which of the following server is used with the BIND package?


2. In which tcp_wrappers file can you specify to allow all connections from all hosts?


3. Which of the following command is used to access an SMB share on a Linux system?


4. Which of the following is the main Apache configuration file?


5. Which of the following command is used to see the services running in NFS server?


6. What project is currently developing X server support?


7. What does GNU stand for?


8. What port does squid listen, by default?


9. What protocols is (are) allowed a user to retrieve her/his email from the mail server to her/his email reader?


10. What X-based tool is available for configuring the X Window system?


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