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KMAT 2018: Test Structure, Syllabus and Sample Questions

KMAT 2018 Test Structure

  • Paper Pen-based test with 120 Multiple Choice Questions divided in three sections
  • No restriction to move to and fro among the sections

Syllabus for KMAT 2018

KMAT 2018 is proposed to be conducted with the moderate level of difficulty without creating confusion in paper-pencil mode. The exam will have MCQs only. Section wise syllabus for KMAT 2018 is as follows-

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

English language ability would be tested through questions on Grammar, vocabulary, sentence completion, synonyms, antonyms, comprehension of passages etc. There would be questions on understanding of the contents of the passages and choice of appropriate words, phrases, expressions and similar language skills. This shall include the passages with questions based on their contents to test comprehension.

Logical and Abstract Reasoning

This shall include questions to measure how quickly and accurately you can think. The section may have questions in sets as well individual ones based on Verbal Reasoning, analogy among others.

Quantitative Ability

The questions in this section will be of matriculation standard. This shall include questions to know how fast and accurate you can work with numbers, do numerical calculations, understand various arithmetic problems involving ratio & proportion, percentage, interest, time & speed etc. Apart from Arithmetic, the questions may also be based on Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and parts of mathematics. This test also helps to measure your power of quantitative reasoning, interpretation of tables, common graphs & charts.

For MBA:

Sl No   Test                                                                         Questions

1             Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension         40

2             Quantitative Ability                                                    40

3             Logical Reasoning                                                       40

Total                                                                                      120

For MCA:

Sl No                                                     Test                                                              Questions

1                              Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension                              40

2                              Quantitative Ability                                                                         40

3                              Logical Reasoning                                                                             40

Total                                                                                                                            120

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