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How to Crack JEE Exam? – Mindset Required for clearing JEE Exam

How to Crack JEE Exam?

How to Crack JEE Exam? – JEE Exam i.e. Joint Entrance Examination is conducted for admission to various engineering colleges. The JEE Exam comprises of two parts i.e. JEE Main 2019 and JEE Advanced. Take on your plate only what you can do perfectly. If you try to catch hold of everything, you will end up doing nothing perfectly. In exams like JEE, your concepts must be 110% cleared. Learn with perfection. The number of topics will do no good, rather making the best of what you do is important and will bring you success. The perfection of every topic is what you require.

The first and foremost mindset one must have is “I have to do this whatever it takes.” Practice makes a man perfect. The more you practice, the more speed you acquire to solve the questions and more time you will have in your exam for solving tougher questions. Follow 3 D’s i.e. Determination, Dedication, and Discipline.

Follow what Steve Jobs has said i.e. “Stay hungry, stay foolish”. Always have an eye for learning. Mark milestones for completing your targets and make sure you achieve them. You will definitely find people better than you in the same race. Don’t lose hope by accepting the fact that they are better than you. Rather, think of ways you can excel and be better than them.

Always keep in mind that you have a sharp mind and therefore must have a hardworking mindset. NEVER underestimate yourself. One must be very positive because you are preparing for one of the toughest exams in India. One must have an attitude like that of a JEE Advanced 2019 student. Dream to become famous and have that IIT I a tag. Imagine the things you will do after entering the Elite group of IIT.

Since JEE Advance is like a bridge over a river kind of exam, and it can definitely break if you aren’t clear with the concepts. It is merely more of multi-tasking and time management more than problem-solving so make sure that you do lots and lots of practice.

A high confidence level and mental stamina are two very important things to be kept in mind throughout your preparation time. Do not lose focus during the exam and make sure that before the exam, you have ample amount of time to revise all you have studied. Start your exam by keeping your morale high and maintaining it all through the exam. If you have a bad start do not let this affect you. Keep in mind, whatever problems you are facing are being faced by others as well. If you are able to maintain your composure and follow through, then you actually have an edge over others.

Based on the number of mock tests and the methodology taught in the classes for attempting the exam, find a tune that suits you the best. Understand your own strengths and weaknesses and don’t go by what others do.

All the Best! Remember, it is not easy but it is not impossible either!

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